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Step 4 Set the shoes inside the washing machine and add laundry detergent as normal. Adjust the cycle on the machine to what you use for normal laundry. Step 5 Cushion the inside of the washing machine tub with two bath towels. This will prevent the shoes from banging around during agitation. If you took out the liners, place them in the machine with the towels or hand-wash them separately. Turn on the washing machine and let it run.

Step 6 Remove the shoes from the machine once the cycle ends. If your shoes have a mesh surface, place them in the dryer on the gentle cycle. Step 7 Stuff the inside of shoes, if not dryer safe, with newspaper or paper towels.

Place the shoes and liners somewhere and allow them to air-dry. Once done, reinsert the liners into the shoes. Add new laces, if necessary. Warnings ASICS warns not to put shoes near a heat source, such as a radiator or vent while air drying.

This may cause the shoes to lose their shape. Tips Verify that the shoes are machine washable before placing them into the units. If the manufacturer warns against machine washing, just wash the outside with a wet cloth and soap. Stuff the shoes with paper and let them air-dry. In addition to standard cleaning practices, buying running shoes that have an antimicrobial element built into the surface can provide a durable barrier to stain and odor causing bacteria.

This technology is typically included during the manufacturing process and can be added to the finish of the running shoes providing bacteria-fighting surface protection around the clock. You would no longer have to deal with the stress and embarrassment that comes when taking off your running shoes after working out. Now you can add built-in odor control or antimicrobial technology into your running shoes and eliminate odors before they start. Posted Mar 15, Posted Mar 1, As we watch the stars shine at the 90th-annual event, your closet is getting in on the action, too.

Join us for the Oscars Closet Cleanout Challenge! Posted Apr 11, The science behind that post-workout funk that sends you straight to the shower—instead of on to next big thing—and how antimicrobial technology keeps you fresh post-sweat.

Posted Mar 24, Posted Mar 2, The kitchen is most likely the culprit of the mystery odor. Keep reading to discover the most common kitchen odors, and how to get rid of them. Sadly, most do not muster, nor sustain, the courage necessary through the five stages of the J-Curve. While the 1 Plateau is appealing norm and present position , the 2 Cliff scares people disruption then descent while the 3 Valley paralyzes majority frustration then near death and only the few are able to enjoy the 4 Ascent glorious and fun then raise their arms in jubilation on the 5 Mountaintop majestic view of accomplishment…elevated peak beyond measure!

It describes the devoid in life, work and play. No motivation, no action! Look around to see the impact, or lack thereof. Motivation may be intrinsic internal…joy and extrinsic external…competition. How are your friends, peers, superiors, leaders, family and others doing?

Obviously, you are not responsible for them, nor are you really able to motivate them; unless, they have the heart. So, what will you do to change…will you FOCUS efforts on your new vision today to reap rewards tomorrow? How will you mitigate your stinking thinking…who will support and educate you throughout the stages of change? Simply start by renewing your mind and changing your heart to begin the extraordinary KASH transformation process…you will be amazed by your improvement.

Positive impact and a ceremony will follow! Simple solutions in a complex world help you to take ActionTNT today, not tomorrow , embrace challenges as opportunities and FOCUS on what you have been given, not what you do not have or has been taken…whining, wandering, watching, waiting and wishing is not a winning strategy!

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